Saturnids A5 Zines Series

by saturnids
$6.00 NZD
Shipped Carbon Neutral

A collection of A5 sized zines: each are $5 or get all 3 for $10! 

Whiplash is an illustrated zine of cowboy musings with original writing and watercolour illustrations.  God gives his rootin'-est battles to his tootin-est cowboys...but that doesn't mean it aint the wild, wild west :'(

‘I Wrote Most of These on My Iphone’ Poetry Anthology Vol.1 A collection of 12 original poems and little illustrations from a sad little gay.

'I use this animal avatar as a way to confront my trauma and mental illness aka Sad Furry Comics'  is a collection of...well pretty much what it says on the tin. A 6 page collection of scribbly comics about being sad and lonely as told by a lil cat/deer thing.


Cardstock 200 GSM, 'IWMOTOMI' Poetry Anthology on 80 GSM


(A5, fold out) 148 x 210 mm


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